Automatic translation

Automatic translation takes existing translations in this project and applies them to the current component. It can be used to push translations to a different branch, to fix inconsistent translations or to translate a new component using translation memory.

Search and replace

You can replace string in all units at once. The search is simple substring case sensitive search.


Uploaded file will be merged with current translation. In case you want to overwrite already translated strings, don't forget to enable it.

Merges content of file header into the translation.

Merges comments into the translation.

Whether to overwrite existing translations if the string is already translated.

Keep empty for using currently logged in user.

Keep empty for using currently logged in user.



Locking the translation will prevent others to work on translation.

Translation is currently not locked.



Percent Strings Words
Total 483 1326
Translated 97.1% 469 1258
Review 0.0% 0
Failing check 5.1% 25

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